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The Kogi Mamas of the Sierra, in the Motherland of Colombia,  say that if the younger brother doesn't start reciprocating with the force that gives us our life and that sustains us, the world will collapse.


They know how to engage in a respectful and intelligent way with our life-giver.  The work they do is to keep Mother Nature serene.  As long as that power receives the right interaction and reciprocity from humans and they retake the practice of following the rules of engagement with it, the power stays serene.  But when we do not work according to the function that we were created for, which is to balance and keep harmony, the things that depend upon our righteous engagement become chaotic.  Nature takes drastic measures like earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, etc.  to bring itself back into a state of homeostasis.  Our natural functioning is to balance and harmonize through the loving act of reciprocity and through the act of co-creativity.  That's the original living wisdom that was completely forgotten by humans.


Unfortunately, clever people that are in the business of money making and manipulation, use the sacred places of nature for amusement and entertainment which is incredibly irresponsible.  All disguised in the trendy name of eco-tourism that in itself is very offensive.  There are places that should never be touched by humans.  In a given moment, over time, Nature is going to come back at us and reestablish its harmony.  Not only the natives are responsible for engaging in creating balance in Nature, every one of us is equally responsible to do the same.


Abusing Nature as a consumer will only grant us troubles, not only personally, but also collectively. Remember, if Nature gets sick, so will we, and we will wonder why we do and nothing seems to heal us.  We have this misassumption that somebody outside of us is going to heal us, and we never recover our own responsibility.   Healing comes mostly from the flow of giving and receiving, not of demanding or asking for more.  So the way to heal is to learn how to clear our own load of negativity and how to start exercising the act of reciprocity at our own level so that we can start reducing the amount of debt we accumulate by misusing the precious life force given to us by Nature.  It's an equation. Because we invest the life force given to us by Nature in so many self-centered things that are destructive and disharmonious, we accumulate debt that eventually we will have to repay.   


"We are never the same! Every thought we conceive, every action we generate, every breath we release, which is essentially dynamic life force, is merging us with the extraordinary movement of the Cosmos. Due to that constant interaction, the Infinite Power is changing us in a very intense process. To the same extent that our intentions and actions affect all of Creation, the Power of Creation affects us deeply. That is why the entire Universe will always be orchestrating for us exactly what we have projected into it, until the mastery of the soul and superconsciousness be regained.

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