Accomplished Goals


Since 2017 the foundation is now providing possibility for housing quarters for volunteers and serious members committed to learning how to be future property and land stewards and who are dedicated to supporting Mama Nuiyuan and his mission.


Since 2012 the foundation has purchased two large properties in the Kogi reservation and handed the stewardship over to kogi families.


Since 2015 the foundation has acquired several properties in a critical area of the "Sabana de Bogotá", which allows housing and a learning space for the harmonization of critical places in difficult environments.


Since 2013 the foundation is  the caretaker of 2 "sanctuary" properties.  One serves as a learning center and the other is being nourished back to its original functioning as a cypress swamp preserve.


Since 2013 the foundation owns a house close to the kogi reservation.  It is being used for intercultural exchange between the kogi and our pilgrimage volunteers.

We also have aided the kogi in paying a large debt that they had with their lawyer.


Since 2017 the foundation has successfully organized pilgrimages around the United States and Colombia, sharing teachings and nurturing key places in Nature.


Since 2012 the foundation has been allowed to steward this land.  We have built special meeting malocas and have used its space to host unique learning opportunities for apprentices that wish to transition their lives into becoming caretakers of Earth all around the Globe. At the same time we are happy to see that a great part of our restoration project has yielded the return of unique species of plants and most of all of birds and other terrestial species.


Since 2015 the foundation was able to establish 4 sister foundations in Afrika, New Zealand, England and Kanada to better be of service to Earth and its community of humans.

We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization,

learning and retaking the ancestral wise arts of responsible stewardship of Planet Earth.

Somos una organización 501 (c) (3) sin animo de lucro, aprendiendo y retomando las sabias artes ancestrales   de la administración del Planeta Tierra.

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