The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation has been created with the deep and conscious purpose of bringing to the awareness of all inhabitants of our planet Earth the underlying causes and reasons which have ultimately produced the actual and undeniable critical situation that humanity has arrived at, possibly to a point of no return and to teach those wishing to learn how to bring back the balance.


The unprecedented situation humans are facing right now and the global disorder and disharmony that has reached all levels of our society is so real, harsh and threatening that it is impossible to deny or be oblivious about. Many causes and reasons have been exposed over the last decades on why humans have arrived at such a dangerous and critical situation, but the true reason is that the most fundamental balance and essential order of Nature to function on the most indispensable levels, has been totally compromised, torn down and deteriorated to a point that seems to be almost impossible to reverse. Therefore the whole of Creation has been seriously threatened by all sorts of irresponsible, unconscious and uncaring actions that are coming from all levels of our society. This deterioration of the natural order can be seen clearly in all aspects and human settings and has caused tremendous negative impacts on all dimensions of his existence, such as environmental, psychological, physiological, economical, social, spiritual and more.

Many attempts, reasons and solutions have been proposed and presented by many different statements of isolated circles of society. Most have narrowed them down to a very uncertain risky and even dark solution that seem very naive and sided. These solutions have been either related to the good will of administrative sectors or the good luck of scientists and researchers and in a very limited way to very isolated spiritual and mystically motivated groups. It is obvious that a global crisis constantly built up by the wrong actions of millions of humans that are mislead by idealistic fantasies can not be addressed without effective solutions which would require the same global active participation of all in the most elemental ways of living. This is like the brain, the organizing leading force that depends on the cohesive, coordinated function of many other parts of the body in order to function properly. If this functioning is not cooperative, the brain will fail and the whole organism will collapse.

The obvious question to ask is how humans get consciously involved in reversing such monumental challenge which was caused and build with terrible side effects over the years. Religious, philosophical, spiritual, economical, financial, political, scientific reasons are being proposed, over and over. All of them are infected with their own inward, partial interest which cannot offer an effective solution to a global crisis. The most dangerous situation is that we might be running out of critical time, which simply means that humanity is rapidly and progressively walking towards its own extinction caused by its own wrongful ways.

As every sector of our civilized society is fixated with the obsession of material success and psychological fulfillment or in the pursuit of fictitious dreams it has totally failed to keep the fundamental harmony and order in its relationship with nature and the universal order. It has essentially undermined the fundamental basis of keeping critical order. This order lies in the interaction of humans with nature and its forces, which ultimately define the human destiny and fate.

If the actions taken to address a progressive, deteriorated, global situation are not done in cohesive ways, they will lead nowhere even if they have wonderful intentions or fantastic inspirations or motivations. The coordinated, cooperative, cohesive action is actually critical in the revitalization of the energetic structure of nature, which simply means that every single living being or creature on the planet has to be harmoniously and functionally coordinated with it regardless of the level of intensity of action. The coordinated cohesive action is simply based upon the holistic connection that exists in the whole of Creation. This means; from the tiny to the mighty, from the part to the whole; and how everything in the web of life is fully integrated and therefore has a powerful impact upon it. This is the fundamental law of cohesive functioning interaction in the whole Creation and logically it is the basic part in which the integrity and vitality of the natural harmony can be recovered. Here all human beings are responsible that this will be done regardless of how privileged or under-privileged they are. Everyone plays a part in the cohesiveness, because life depends upon this cohesive interaction and therefore the fluent revitalization of the environment.

To put it in a blatant way, there are 7 billion human beings on Earth functioning in an uncoordinated, fragmented, uncooperative interaction which only produces a very unique infectious and dangerous type of darkening energy, which is absolutely detrimental for the normal performance and fluidity of nature's renewing life energy. This massive dark, dim energy created by humans has a powerful effect of unprecedented and unimaginable consequences, and reaches such a level that it actually is directly affecting the sun's harmonious behavior. This seems to be far out of credibility but that is exactly what has been happening. It is very well known by even the most elementary students as well as decorated scientists or prestigious scholars that we are constantly exchanging energy with the sun and the entire solar system. This electromagnetic exchange of energy has great subtle levels of spectronic interaction.

How come we can not possibly imagine that this massive amount of human detrimental energy, charged with dissonant negativity, is being exchanged with the electromagnetic constant interaction that happens between the sun and the earth? How come we don't see that this energy created massively by the immense amount of humans alters the behavior of the forces that control and sustain the fundamental order on earth?

The ultimate functioning of the human being in all activities is summarized in the production of certain energy that is either harmonious with nature or it is offensive to everything especially to the sun. We are deeply connected with the sun, the light giver of the earth. Because of this energy the entire structure of coordinated functioning and cohesiveness that sustains life on earth is systematically disrupted and broken. The type and quality of energy produced by the mass of humans is the most fundamental cause of disruption in the entire system. Ultimately, the sun, the life giver on earth, tries only to compensate this very offensive energy which has been severely aggravated for the last 50 years. It is obvious that in this compensation there are catastrophic and lethal consequences. The negative energy created by the bulk of human beings has had an effect upon the solar system. The natural forces are just trying to compensate this energy through not only tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and other catastrophes, but by more subtle phenomena, like subtle changes of frequencies and energies of the sun that cannot be seen or perceived by the naked eye or by the oblivion of someone hypnotized and absorbed in self centered agendas.  Sometimes the sun talks to us and tells us wake up you cannot continue this way. If the human being disconnects for a moment from the fixation of his artificial, mechanical routine and takes some time to feel how the sun is behaving, he can easily experience these changes and how the sun is trying to retune the human energy to a harmonious pitch.

The relentless resistance to the sun's balancing action causes a powerful friction to the harmonious exchange between the human earth and the solar system. This aggravates all the other kinds of offensive, negative action that are done on this planet. It has become very obvious that on this planet there are all kinds of negative, sinister, unconscious, irresponsible actions that have tremendous negative impact upon the Creation. But the most shocking effect upon the Creation is the massive negative amount of dark energy created by millions of humans and the resistance that they have to the realignment or the re-harmonizing action of the subtle emanations of the sun. This is exactly the cause of all kinds of lethal consequences.

Pollution can be eliminate by clever scientific actions, wars can be terminated by some temporal economical agreements, ambition and greed for power and exploitation of natural forces can be reduced, the human ambition and destructive competition can be eliminated to a level. Probably, the rainforest can be reforested, perhaps the oceans can be cleaned and the rivers can be freed to run back to the oceans. Maybe, humans can stop at some point to produce lethal elements of self-destruction. Possibly, the obsession of creating an artificial world can be substantially reduced. Ideally, like in a fantastic dream, humans can come to minimum intelligent terms where they agree to stop destroying the environment and they understand that it is not any more about philosophical, psychological, religious, or political beliefs or inherited lines of power, but it is about the simple survival as a species on the planet. Even if all these dreamlike things happen, the fundamental problem will still not be dealt with. All these consequences and partial solutions can not address the original cause of all problems, disharmony and disorder. This is the kind of energy that humans produce that undoubtedly affects the behavior of the whole Creation, the sun and its exchange of energy with the Earth.

Let's simply envision for a moment that there no longer are any human inhabitants on Earth, only the raw forces of nature and the subtle emanations of the sun and the cosmos are interacting. In a certain period of time they will recreate a new paradise or a new form of environment for the existence and reemergence of a new life form or a new possibility. Envision that the human agent and his incident and impact is not there. Let's imagine that this paradise is being regenerated and remade without the human agent and no other insidious or invasive vehicle, just the cohesive coordinated action of the Creation expanding harmony and order. The picture can be so fantastic to envision. Anybody can visualize a paradisiacal ambiance, probably even rough, tough, wild and intense, just as much as it was in the beginning. Now let us introduce the human energy again acting upon that perfect environment. Give to it a couple of centuries with very anxious and ego driven minds, poisoned by some sinister influence, add to it some insidious and malicious dreams, give it an idealistic objective with a fantasy created by a sophisticated and complicated imagination, which says that beyond the paradisiacal ideal there can be something even better. It will not say: "How can we preserve this beauty and function dynamically and harmoniously with it and grow on it?", but: "How can we make something better, safer and permanent out of it." In the sinister attitude of this mind malice is created. This energy produced by the human action creates the disruption, disharmony, disorder with all its lethal consequences we all have seen. But if at least the fundamental energy of the human gets harmonized with the energy of nature, all other solutions as altruistic and intelligent as they may seem are condemned to fail.

This makes it very clear that the problem is not the pollution, but the massive amount of negative energy created by the human mind. If the human does not stop creating offensive negative energy, even if he stops polluting the environment, there always will be the same consequences.

How can this be achieved? Harmony is the result of the co-creative, cohesive, coordinated interaction between the forces of the cosmos, nature and the human energy. To create harmonious, resonant energy that is empathetic with the cosmic emanations and the balanced forces of nature, humans have to return to fundamental principles of functioning and behaving that are held transferred and reflected every moment in nature. These fundamental principles are the essential elements of the original knowledge that is contained in the wise ways of holding essential balance, order and harmony, of ancient cultures, and which has been lost, undermined and neglected ever since humans got engaged in the pursuit of self-centered irresponsible and destructive activities.


"We are never the same!  Every thought we conceive, every action we generate, every breath we release, which essentially is dynamic life force, is fusing us with the extraordinary movement of the Cosmos.  Because of that constant interaction the Infinite  Power is changing us in such an intense process.  As our intentions and actions affect the entire Creation, so the Creation's Power affects us deeply.  That is why the entire Universe will always be orchestrating for us exactly what we have projected to it; endlessly, back and forth, until soul mastery and super-consciousness is recovered.


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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, interested in retaking the ancestral wise arts of the responsible administration of our home:  Planet Earth.


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