The foundation was created by a legendary, native Andean, spiritual mentor and holistic educator and those students and practitioners of his teachings around the world that are seriously concerned about the situation of the planet and that are deeply interested in protecting the environment and nature in their countries and places of birth.  We are people, just like you, that seriously want to help in all possible ways to repair and reverse the consequences and causes of our global downfall at this critical and serious point.

Our foundation now has expanded throughout the world with branches in Afrika, New Zealand, Kanada and England.  Join us to learn how you can make a difference in your own place of origin.


The foundation was created by a legendary, native Andean, spiritual mentor and holistic educator and the students and practitioners of his teachings that have already transformed and helped a great number of people around the world.


The foundation is mainly made up by a fellowship of Americans and conscious people from around the world that are seriously concerned about the situation of the planet and that are deeply interested in protecting the environment and nature in their country and around the world.  They want to seriously help in all possible ways to repair and reverse the consequences and causes of our global downfall at this critical and serious point.


This foundation was set up due to the very evident and undeniable critical situation that humanity has arrived at and that has reached a tipping point.  In the last 50 years humans have brought the planet's balance, stability and harmony to an unprecedented disruption that has never been recorded before in history and that can put us on the verge of our very own extinction.  There are different elements and aspects involved that become more complex as the fundamental principles and harmony are violated.  Then the complexity of problems are expanded to such a degree that they become immensely complicated and they have started to reach all aspects and levels of our human society.  This complexity is, in essence, the very cause of the whole crisis we are in and all the things we see which affect humans on all levels: spiritual, mental, psychological, physiological, economical and on any other level.  This is simply because the essential principles of subsistence have been violated, namely, the fundamental harmony that is maintained between the forces of the cosmos and nature and the actions done by humans.


Humankind is facing a global disruption on all levels since such a great deal of disharmony has already compromised the most basic balance in nature and in the environment on which we all fully depend.  The Original Knowledge, in essence, the principles and set of guidelines to hold, harmonize and keep a minimum balance with the Creation, has been neglected and ultimately dishonored and with it all the wise ways that once upon a time some of the humans were able to observe and behave accordingly. The obsessive, irresponsible actions in building an artificial, fancy and comfortable world that is frontally in contradiction with the natural order and the harmonious functioning has brought the whole reality to a global unprecedented crisis and immense disorder.  In this process the natural resources are overexploited and abused to such a degree that is practically irreversible.  The outrageous, irresponsible ways in which things are being abused are in such crazy disproportion that it does not give the space and room for the forces of Nature to balance, renew and regenerate with the same speed in which things are consumed and destroyed.  


When all human actions only have the purpose of financial, business and commercial gain and are not considering the consequences and serious posterior effects upon Creation, they put themselves in the way of their own destruction.


Members of the foundation came to the conclusion that, unless serious and efective actions are taken, the chances to reverse these immense consequences and implications are very narrow.  With the immense speed in which our system of development, dreams and fantasy has already done damage, it seems to be an impossible mission to compensate the havoc already done.  At this very critical point the question arises:  "Do we still have a chance?" Are we expecting a supernatural force to come along and mercifully repair and correct this mess and huge destruction that we have caused or will some alien force come and take over because we were irresponsible and incapable?  Or, are we just blindly playing the deadly game supposing and expecting that the ultimate dreamlike magical solution will come and take care of it?  Will some benevolent celestial leader come and solve the mess that we don't even bother to continue creating?   The questions still are: "Do we have a chance to take effective actions to help Nature to recover the minimal regenerating force before it is to late?  Can we still retake the most simple fundamental principles to bring about the most essential elements absolutely indispensable to create order?"  The amazing amounts of disasters happening all over the world are not just the natural actions of the forces of Nature.  Instead, they are the effect of the very offensive energy and wrong interactions that humans have created and that have caused powerful reactions in the forces of the Cosmos and Nature, which are only trying to compensate the mess in the form of tornados, earthquakes, fires, floods, slides, droughts, epidemics, massive diseases, contamination and other ways that we can't even imagine with devastating and lethal consequences.

As long as humans don't seriously see the impact that their own energy and actions has on the dynamic movement of Nature, the Creation and the Cosmos, and they continue blaming Nature and the Supreme Forces for the disasters, they are acting absolutely irresponsibly.


It is important that in order to take serious action we need to see which things kept the harmony before the mess was created.  We need to ask ourselves: "Who were the people that lived thousands of years in fundamental harmony and have survived for many centuries without getting exterminated?"  These are the things that need to be supported, retaken, relearned and seriously practiced.  "Why is it that this culture is going down a destructive path at such high speeds?" "How did this disaster happen?"  "Why do we continue to make fun of, degrade and destroy the wise people that know how to survive in harmony with the forces of Nature?"  "Why don't we understand that the disruption of our ancestors' intelligent ways comes from our own ignorance and arrogant ways that do not follow the Original Knowledge and its basic law of survival and prosperity?"  Our ancestors knew how to resolve their problems without bringing Earth to the level of destruction that our modern culture and civilization have done in a very short time.


KOGINKA SEWALUNA FOUNDATION is wanting to retake these wise ways and make people conscious of the necessity of these things that are fundamental to avoid the ultimate disaster that will be the legacy we will leave for the next generations: our own children.  It is a horrifying and terrible legacy.  Based upon these serious statements the KOGINKA SEWALUNA FOUNDATION wants to stand up with the mission of recovering the ways of the wise keepers and caretakers of the Earth and their wisdom and applying them in our own realities.  This way we consciously will develop a systematic return to learning and supporting all actions that effectively recover the Original Knowledge that essentially guides humans to keep fundamental balance, order, harmony and integrity.  We focus on educating and training people, specifically bringing awareness to them in these aspects and thus aiding in bringing awareness to prepare them to take the right action that is so critical.  We support, educate and develop practical activities for this purpose.  We support people and institutions that are dedicated to this global reawakening of consciousness all over the planet and we support the cultures that try to live by and maintain these intelligent ways against all odds and serious calamities of our modern society.  


We whole-heartedly are open to learn from all true spiritual leaders and ancestors that have been able to survive this massive destruction.  We support all the institutions that are seriously committed to protect the original American people and the beautiful American land and we are interested in recovering the roots and basic foundations of harmony.  We support all of those that are involved and working for the protection of the environment and ecology of our Mother Planet Earth.   


"Sacred Reciprocity is the essence of harmony, balance, order and integrity. It originates in the divine resonance of perfect affinity and empathy that permeates the entire Universe. From that source Original Knowledge and pure creativity bloom! If you inhale you have to exhale; if you take, you have to give.

This is how the divine flow of sacred reciprocity works in such perfection at all levels and in all dimensions. The Maker, the Doer, the Giver and the Taker are one in ONENESS because of sacred reciprocity." 


The intelligence and urgency is in taking care of what keeps us alive.


Why don't we do it?


Excerpts of the teachings passed by the maestro and mama Koginka Kamaru Xue according to the original wisdom of the Mother.



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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, interested in retaking the ancestral wise arts of the responsible administration of our home:  Planet Earth.


Somos una organización 501 (c) sin animo de lucro, interesada en retomar las sabias artes ancestrales de la administración responsable de nuestro hogar:

el Planeta Tierra.


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