Accomplished Goals

United States, North Carolina

In 2017 the foundation became the owner of 3 properties in Asheville, North Carolina, that serve the purpose of providing housing to those members of the community seriously dedicated to learning to be stewards to properly manage the environment. 

United States, Florida

In 2013 and 2016 the foundation acquired two pieces of land.  One is being turned into a sanctuary that provides a proper teaching environment and the other is actively being renourished by our community to its natural state of functioning as a cypress swamp preserve.  

Colombia, Resguardo Kogi-Malayo-Arhuaco

In 2012 and 2015 the foundation purchased back 2 pieces of land in this indigenous reservation and turned them over for right stewardship to two separate Kogi families.

Colombia, Santa Marta, Magdalena

In 2013, 2015 and 2016 the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation purchased 3 homes with the purpose to host Kogi families and members of the foundation while doing work at the black line and the foothills of this magestic mountain.

Colombia, Supata, Cundinamarca

Since 2012 the foundation has acquired 4 properties for reforestation and environmental recuperation that serves as a learning place for intercultural exchange and as a active living community of conscious beings, where the effectiveness of the original wise ways can be witnessed.

Colombia, Chia, Cundinamarca

Since 2015 the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation purchased 6 pieces of land in this critical area of the Sabana of Bogota, with proper housing facilities, from which it can experience with interested students the effect of the proper re-harmoniziation of critical places in difficult environments.

One of the properties is currently being renovated and transformed into a school for local children and young adults where they can re-learn and become aware about their direct connection to Mother Earth and the effect their actions has on the environment that sustains them.

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Asheville, NC 28801

Tel: +1 (828) 350-1717

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, interested in retaking the ancestral wise arts of the responsible administration of our home:  Planet Earth.


Somos una organización 501 (c) sin animo de lucro, interesada en retomar las sabias artes ancestrales de la administración responsable de nuestro hogar:

el Planeta Tierra.


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